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of variables.
One point
of contact.

Okay, your project’s approved. What’s next?
Get ready to contact all the relevant parties, place orders, coordinate manufacturing and procurement, chase vendors, liaison between a dozen different people, and manage the logistics and shipping.

Wait, you have a hotel to run? You don’t have time for a second job? Then leave it all in the hands of a Hospitality Designs Project Manager. They actually like this stuff!

Why do I need
a project manager?

We serve hotel owners, property groups, general managers, purchasing agents, architects and interior design firms. They all have different requirements and goals, but share one thing in common: they want a partner who can deliver easily, reliably, and efficiently.

A good project manager can mean the difference between a flawlessly furnished hotel and a logistical nightmare. Our PMs act on your behalf and serve as the main point of contact between you and all the other groups making your plan a reality, and boy, are they good at it.

This isn’t our first rodeo. With a dozen or more hotels under their belt, our Project Managers are experts in vendor coordination and logistics. They plan out each step in striking detail, know the landscape by heart, and are constantly on the lookout for any red flags and little surprises that might get in the way. They’ve got all the key suppliers on speed dial, so any issues that might crop up will be addressed right away.

Your friendly planning partner

Once the quote is signed and the deposit is made, your Project Manager will serve as your main point of contact and the key correspondent with suppliers, shipping companies, even other HD team members. With one person running the show, it’s the best way we’ve found to keep everything on time and on budget, and they’ll make sure you stay updated.

Drop by and say “hello!”

Want a bigger hand in the process? Great! You’re welcome to come by the office and work with your project manager one on one. We’ve got a fancy coffee maker in the break room, and there’s a donut shop (and a brewery!) less than 5 minutes away.

Pie chart of different project management concerns

Scheduling and Synchronization

While you take care of your business, your HD Project Manager will work directly with vendors on your behalf to nail down quantities, timelines and customization options for your hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire process, and do our best to synchronize the deliveries to your installation schedule.

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“Working with Hospitality Design is a headache-free experience. They were able to work within our budget and provide the best quality furniture for our money. When we have questions and concerns, they are very responsive and are always on top of the situation. We will definitely be working with them on future projects!”

– Nicole Gross, Managing Director