Japreet Sahota

02 November 2020

Selling Design Services During A Pandemic


In these uncertain times, navigating through a global pandemic has been unsettling. Especially for those part of the hospitality industry. A multi billion-dollar industry was put on hold in many aspects in every corner of the world. As hoteliers struggle to keep the lights on, others are seeing this as a unique opportunity to do those renovations they had been long contemplating.

Creating dynamic spaces for all types of travellers do not build themselves, and hoteliers have seen the value of a well-designed space. A trend that had been long experienced before the pandemic, by franchises and independents alike, was the need for an interactive public space. Travellers expect more than a place to lay their head at night, instead a place to socialize, have meetings, and lounge during their travels. This can mean the difference of a comfortable environment, positive impact on ones’ overall experience and is imperative to quality of life during their stay at one of these establishments.

Interior Designers are the agents of change that are too often overlooked, but who can truly contribute to creating an impactful and timelessly designed interior. Breaking barriers with a client who believes they can design themselves in this HGTV era, can be a challenge at times. What is even more challenging is to break that barrier during financial hardship in an economic recession brought on by a global pandemic. As Interior Designers, it is our job to address the misconceptions by educating our clients on how we are well versed in colour theory, building code, ergonomics, and performance materials. We liaise with a network of vendors, representatives, along with manufactures who all speak the same language which further benefit our clients, by ensuring quality overall design.

Furthermore, we act as consultants when it comes to many aspects of a project – we are the middle(wo)man between the hotel owners and franchise. Our work takes into consideration safety and wellness; having interiors that are aesthetically pleasing is just an added benefit. Our job entails that we have a concept, which is an idea of what the vision for the space and how it is to be executed. The design must consider all that will be using the space, be it children, businesspeople, families, elderly, or accessible persons. It is imperative we take this into consideration because we are the creators of delight who ensure all can enjoy the space in the same way. In addition, we are now designing during a pandemic, which has opened another layer of considerations. Designing interiors where physical distancing can be maintained, sourcing budget friendly materials that can adhere to cleanliness standards, and lastly making it visually pleasing.

Numerous factors are considered when designing an interior from budget, the persons using the space, or navigating guidelines in this everchanging new normal. Interior Designers are creators, but most importantly, we are problem solvers and providing design solutions for our clients is necessary work, which in my opinion, is very rewarding work.