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So you’re planning a new hotel construction, hotel renovation or hotel update. You need to design a space that will make your guests comfortable, meet franchise approval, keep your RevPAR and Occupancy rates high, and last for a long period of time. Oh, and you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it yourself, AND you need something submitted ASAP. Seems like we’re about to become your new best friends.

Design is so much more than the look of space. It’s how a room flows, how the colour and style of the furniture harmonize with each other, and with the brand itself. It’s about striking the perfect balance between classic comfort and modern taste that will keep your guests happy for years to come. And it all starts right here.

See the Big Picture

First step in the process…what do you want to accomplish? A quick chat with a friendly Account Manager helps us understand the scope of your project. Are you upgrading your guest rooms, furnishing a wing, or renovating your entire hotel?

We’ll talk budget, authority, needs, and timing.


Plan the Space

With your architectural drawings in hand, our Design Team will get to work planning your space, taking into account room quantity, size, and functionality.

Every piece of hotel furniture will be planned and accounted for.


The Art of Proposals

Like popping the question to a significant other, submitting the design proposal for your hotel is a big deal. It can take a lot of planning and effort to get everything just right, and if they say “no,” you’re in for a world of hurt.

We’ve been around the block a few times, and know just what you need to make the right impression. With us by your side, we’ll be able to handle the entire process and get them to say “yes” without a lot of headache or heartache. Cue the romantic crescendo.

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We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business and know their brand guidelines.

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We know what
we’re doing

We understand the complexities of the approval process and know just what they’re looking for.

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We speak the
same language

Communication is our strong suit, and we know all the right things to say, and how to interpret their feedback.

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We can

Not every attempt is a homerun. It can take a few tries, but if there’s an issue chances are we know the perfect fix.

Design the Room

Our in-house design team masterfully balance practicality, style, longevity and durability, ensuring your hotel adheres to all codes,regulations and franchise requirements. A hotel’s interior design is a key part of your business, and vital to setting you apart from the competition.

Whatever guest experience you’re hoping to achieve, your space is in good hands.


See It Take Shape

Our team of 3D artists render everything in picture-perfect clarity to ensure every detail is perfect.

The only surprise you should expect is how fantastic it looks in person.


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Are you a designer, or is one already a part of your team?

No problem! We work great with others. Scroll down to continue to the next step of our 4 Step Process to see how it all comes together.
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“Working with Hospitality Design is a headache-free experience. They were able to work within our budget and provide the best quality furniture for our money. When we have questions and concerns, they are very responsive and are always on top of the situation. We will definitely be working with them on future projects!”

– Nicole Gross, Managing Director