Beth Leung

19 October 2019

KITS Collection


Customers often request tweaking our existing casegood collections, which turns the order into a custom hotel furniture order that takes a lot more time and planning. We listened and developed a brand-new collection to help solve all your furniture challenges.  We are very excited to launch our most versatile casegood collection, Kits!  You asked for it, and now you’ve got it!

Kits collection was created like a kit for your guestrooms. Each piece is carefully crafted so it can be mixed and matched with various other pieces in the collection to create different combinations. Kind of like playing with Lego to plan your guestroom furniture! The endless possibilities are in your hands.

For example, you need a wardrobe, a storage cabinet and a desk but have limited space? Instead of purchasing all the items separately you can select a base unit that combines into a Wardrobe Desk Streamline Unit. All items in this collection are like building blocks that allow you to build with one another. Are you excited yet? There is more.

The standard finishes are: Skyline Walnut, Mangalore Mango and Park Elm. There are additional colors and finishes available. With our in-house TFL press, we press boards with the colors and finish you want. Using different laminate colors and finishes will help set the mood of your guestroom and compliment your FF&E.

Kits, a collection that can be minimal or luxurious, playful or serious. Our collection, your way. We have designed the hotel furniture to serve all your needs, that allows you to manipulate and adjust your casegoods. Ready to create your own new guestroom? Get the Kits Packages Today.