Tejal Lad

23 September 2020

5 Must-See Innovations in Hotel Design: Say ‘No’ To Ugly Plastic Screens


COVID-19 has impacted virtually every industry, completely changing the everyday way of life and business across the globe. However, as we all know, the hospitality industry was especially impacted, as it relies on peoples’ ability and willingness to travel. Now that we are seeing a gradual return of customers at hotels, hotels are evolving to suit the new needs and expectations of their guests, along with industry, government, and health authority recommendations.

Innovation is the key to success for post-COVID hotels. Of course, innovation can mean robots and artificial intelligence, but it also means design. 

From public spaces to guestrooms, changes and renovations will have to be done in order to reach new health and safety standards. However, this does not mean plastic screens, caution tape, and hand sanitizer buckets decorating the lobby. Designers and manufacturers are inventing creative, innovative, and beautiful features that will improve health and safety as well as aesthetic appeal. 

Hospitality Designs is excited to bring these new design solutions to you through our large network of vendors, partners, and manufacturers.

Fabricut Contract and Muraspec Wallcoverings have released antimicrobial wall coverings that are decorative, unique, and clean! They contain Biocide and Biomaster, meaning that they eliminate up to 90% of bacteria on the surface and prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. These wall coverings are a perfect example of how sanitation and cleanliness will be integrated into design in a way that feels natural and looks beautiful.

Kriskadecor’s space dividers are customisable, movable, and innovative. They are an inventive method of separating space and encouraging social distancing while maintaining an open floor-plan and modern flare. 

Yellow Goat Design’s cleanable screens can be used to re-imagine shared workspaces and sitting areas so that social distancing and sanitation are maintained along with the communal nature of the space. With customizable and intricate designs, these screens are far more aesthetically pleasing than plastic shields and they can provide the same level of protection.

Fil Doux Textiles have been manufacturing durable, clean, long-lasting textiles for high-volume spaces like hotels and cruise ships for years. They have added a Pro-Tech Plus bleach cleanable finish to their Otratex degradable vinyl to make sanitation even easier. Aside from higher safety standards, today’s hotel guests are looking for sustainable travel, and Dil Doux Textiles’ Otratex degradable vinyl is a great way to deliver it. 

Along with new products, innovative platforms are joining the hotel industry, such as HotelFurniture.com. They are an all-in-one, brand approved platform that streamlines guest room designs in renovations, new builds and conversions. As with everything in today’s new way of doing things, their digital platform provides an end-to-end experience, from design to procurement to delivery of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. By allowing hotel owners to choose from brand-approved packages to design their rooms, hotels can view an interactive 3D rendering then leave the ordering, submission, and delivery process to the HF (HotelFurniture) team; they’ve made guest room renovations easier on hoteliers and are an innovative way of adapting to the new norm.

This new way of life will be with us for quite some time, so start planning for your next renovation knowing that you can confidently meet your guests’ needs without compromising.