About Us

Hospitality Designs has an established reputation for quality and service in providing hospitality furniture and procurement. With manufacturing facilities in Canada and Asia, we offer high quality products, competitive pricing, and global logistics reach.


Our product and service package offers exceptional value for your purchasing experience. Since 1993, we have delivered thousands of guest rooms, to destinations ranging from remote lodges to some of the largest urban hotel franchises in North America.

Over the years, we have developed successful working relationships with purchasing companies, design firms, and hotel companies.  Our client list includes Hotels in the Choice, Hilton, Sheraton, Best Western, and Marriott groups, amongst many others.


Our team of top Project Managers and Designers will provide you with service beyond compare, creating unique furniture and furnishing packages that set your establishment apart. In addition to our own line of products, we offer custom furniture design services.

We do business with recognized hotel franchises, meeting their specific design and construction standards for properties throughout North America. With 20 years of specialized experience in the hospitality industry, Hospitality Designs has the knowledge and resources to fit your particular needs.

 Quality is what your guests remember… Experience quality!

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